• Automotive Window Tinting


    We provide quality professional automotive window tinting in New Castle Indiana. We only use the highest quality window films available, all of which come with a lifetime guarantee.
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    automotive window tinting
  • Automotive Window Tinting


    Did you just buy a new car? This is the perfect time to get your windows tinted to make your new ride look even better then it already does. Protect your investment from interior fading with automotive window tinting.
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    automotive window film
  • Residential Window Tinting


    Once installed on your home, the summer cooling benefits will be instantly noticeable. Window film on your home windows can reduce your summer cooling costs by up to 30%, help insulate your windows during the winter months, reduce glare and improve the overall appearance of your home.
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    solar window film
  • Commercial Window Tinting


    Improve the appearance of your building, reduce glare on computer screens for workers and save on winter heating costs. A full energy savings calculator is available for large commercial jobs, and we'll be happy to review the benefits with property managers.
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    commercial window tinting
  • Residential Window Tinting


    Winter glare can be reduced with window film, while helping to insulate your glass with a R-1 value, making your home more comfortable during the winter month and helping to reduce energy costs.
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    save on energy bills with window film
  • Automotive Window Tinting


    Have a car with a difficult window? No worries - we've worked on them all! Whether its a Corvette, VW Beetle, or Challenger: With over 20 years in experience Automotive Sun Shades will take care of your car and get the job done right!
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    difficult automotive window tint
  • Clear Safety & Security Film


    Virtually clear Safety Film will hold glass together if broken keeping your family safe from accidental broken windows. Security Film will slow and deter smash-and-grab criminals, protect from dangerous weather and is even requested by Homeland Security for bomb blast mitigation on government buildings.
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    safety and security film for your home windows
  • Automotive Window Tinting


    Difficult cars are no match for our expert tinting services. With over 20 years of experience, your car will be in good hands with every job being installed by the owner of Automotive Sun Shades. Leave your car in the hands of someone you can trust, who give you the best value for your money!
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    tint your car indiana
  • Privacy Window Film


    With access to hundreds of Privacy and Decorative Window Films we can enhance the appearance of your home windows, add privacy to bathroom/bedroom windows or jazz up a glass partition in your office building.
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    decorative window film


Our Services

We offer a variety of window tinting services - from your car to your home and office.

  • Automotive Window Tinting for your Car
  • Residential Window Film - Lowering your cooling bills by up to 30%!
  • Commercial Window Film - Enhance the appearance of your building, while reducing glare.
  • Security Film - Protect your property and belongings by slowing or deterring break-ins.
  • Safety Film - Protect your family from possible broken glass with Clear Safety Film.
  • Privacy & Decorative Window Film Installation - Frosted Glass, Stained Glass, Partitions and more.

Our Products

We use quality window film products - with one of the industry's best lifetime warranties.

  • Sun-Gard Automotive Window Tint
  • Sun-Gard Solar Control Window Film
  • Glass Guard Safety & Security Film
  • Remlor Decorative & Privacy Window Film

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Automotive Sun Shades
81 N County Road 750 E
New Castle, IN 47362

About Us

Automotive Sun Shades has been in business for over 15 years! All of our work is installed by the owner of the company, who has been window tinting full-time for 20 years. We are not a chain and we'll stand behind our work no matter how difficult the job!

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